Pass Information 2024

2024 Lake Pass Info

July 1, 2024: All ALD residents must display the new BLUE tags (exp 2025) by Monday, July 1.

In-person pass distribution has ended for the season. To find out how to have your passes mailed to you, scroll down this page.

  • Any boat in District waters or stored on the racks must display the current BLUE sticker.
  • Residents visiting the beaches will be asked to show their current BLUE key tag. Every time.
  • Residents’ cars parked on District property must display the current BLUE hang tag. District property includes, but is not limited to, both Main and Lollipop Beaches, the seven ROWs, and the Berglund property (the green across from Main Beach). 

Cars or boats found to be non-compliant will receive a red warning sticker, and multiple violations could result in the car or boat being removed from District property, at the owner’s expense.

NEW! Pre-filled online registration form for those who registered last year! Beginning in late February, eligible residents were emailed a unique personal link to the email address you provided with last year’s registration. By accessing the form through your personal link, you can easily and quickly confirm or revise the information that you provided last year, including adding or deleting boat information, as applicable. Your car and boats MUST display the new blue stickers as of July 1, 2024.

All Amston Lake District residents must display current passes when parking on ALD property, visiting a beach or ROW, or using their boats/watercraft in the lake. To receive passes, you must either be an ALD property owner or rent a property within the District and have written permission to obtain passes on the property owner’s behalf. Auto and beach passes are limited to two passes per property. Property owners who owe ALD back taxes are ineligible to receive lake passes.

Registrations must be submitted 72 hours prior to picking up your passes so that we have time to verify your information. If you need assistance completing the online registration, assistance will be available at the clubhouse during pass distribution. 

You may also opt to complete a paper form, which can be downloaded by clicking here or picked up outside the clubhouse. Completed forms can be dropped off during pass distribution dates listed above (passes may not be distributed until the next event) or mailing the form to the Amston Lake District, Attn: Passes, PO Box 95, Amston, CT 06231. 

If you are unable to attend a pass pickup event, the passes can be mailed to you. Please send a check for $5 to cover mailing and handling made out to Amston Lake District, Attn: Passes, PO Box 95, Amston, CT  06231. Please allow 14 days for your passes to be mailed.


2024 Pass Pickup Events Passes may be picked up at the ALA Clubhouse, 16 Wood Acres Road, Amston, on the dates listed below. You must bring proof of identity, such as a license. If the District is not your primary residence, please also bring a current utility or tax bill.

2024 Pass Distribution Dates

  • Sat, April 13,  11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Sun, May 5,  11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Sat, May 25,  10 a.m. – noon
  • Sat, June 15,  10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Sun, June 30, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Please fill out the online registration form by clicking here or by using your unique personal link that was emailed to you, if applicable. If the form is not filled out in full (including color, type and approximate length of boats), your passes will not be processed. Only current District residents are allowed to use the lake for boating and a valid sticker is your proof. Please contact board member Karen Patterson with any questions or concerns.

Landlords with seasonal or weekly rentals are responsible for distributing the two parking and two beach passes to your renters. You will receive stickers only for the boats that are on your property. You are responsible for making sure that your renters are aware of the Amston Lake ordinances.

Boats with valid stickers may be placed on the racks after April 1 each year. Please attach your new stickers (exp. June 30, 2025) as soon as you receive them. Your car and boats must display the new blue stickers as of July 1, 2024. Boats without valid stickers will be subject to fines and immediate removal from the racks.

If your boat was removed by our contractor from a beach or right of way after the November 1 removal deadline and you have not paid your fine, please contact board member Karen Patterson prior to filling out your registration form. The fines are nominal – however, if not paid you may not obtain a pass for the 2024-25 season.

For online registration (if you have not been emailed a personal link) click here.

For a printable form, download here. 

If you have any questions please contact BOD member Karen Patterson.