ALD Online Auction 2020

In this age of Covid, the ALD is trying something new – an  online auction! Up for auction are three canoes and a boat ramp. The green one on the left in the picture below is a really good one. There are a few additional pictures on the auction site. Boats can also be viewed in person at the trailer lot at the corner of West Island Beach and Bush Rds in Lebanon but please leave them upside down. All are about 14-15′. Also for auction is a fairly new (and heavy!) 4′ X 12′ X 6″ wooden carpet-covered ramp that was only used at the docks at Lollipop for a few years – it could be used to connect a dock or raft to your shore. The boat ramp can be viewed at the edge of the parking lot at Lollipop beach.

You will have to sign up for an account in order to bid, but it’s pretty easy. The auction will go LIVE on Saturday, September 19 at noon, and will conclude the following Sunday, September 27 at noon. All instructions for viewing the items, as well as how to pay if you are the winner, will be on the auction site. We hope you’ll find this a fun way to participate.

We also have a special surprise item to bid on!

To view the auction, click here: